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What we all need is a website that reflects our image as we see it and isn't a headache. It should be easy to navigate, illustrative, professional looking and the messages should be clear. It should also look just as good on all desktop and mobile devices (this is call a 'responsive' website).
And it shouldn't break the bank. This can be achieved by examining your priorities and needs carefully before starting any new website or upgrade and making sure we do what is needed, no more, no less. Consult with us on your site needs, photography and advertising campaign.

We are Information Technology Specialists - we make Websites. Check out a few...
Evolution of a Project

1st, we sit down and talk out your website project, identifying the important points.
2nd, we map out a plan to create what you need, with examples.
3rd, we discuss the ideas, timetable, cost, look and feel of the site and make sure you are happy.
4th, we make the website, with your feedback along the way.
5th, you're in business and way ahead! Oh yes, and you pay us.

Studio Q Jewelry, A TelActive Website

See a few examples... thanks for visiting TelActive.net

Artist's website by TelActive
Santa Fe Plumbing Business
A traveling food truck in Santa Fe
English editing for business websites
Homeless Backpack website by TelActive
TelActive Photographt Website
A retail website by TelActive

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